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Will this be the last time my child has to talk to someone about what happens?


 The CAC MDT (multidisciplinary team) makes every effort to reduce the number of times that a child has to talk about what happened.  However, as the case unfolds, the child may be interviewed again at the CAC or during follow up interviews with either DHHS or Law Enforcement.


Will the DVD take the place of my child testifying if the case goes to court?


No, the DVD becomes evidence in the investigation and does not take the place of the child’s testimony if required at trial.


• What happens to the DVD?


The DVD becomes evidence and goes with the Law Enforcement and/or DHHS Investigators.  This evidence is held to the highest level of confidentiality by the MDT professionals that possess them.  No copies are stored at the CAC.


• Will the alleged perpetrator see the video?


It is possible that the DVD will be viewed by the alleged perpetrator and his/her attorney during the investigative process.  They will not receive a copy of it.


• Will the forensic interviewer introduce language or things to my child that they don’t know about?


No. The forensic interview is led by the child.  The interviewer will only use language that the child uses.


• Can I sit with my child or observe the interview?


No.  It is the policy of the CAC that the non-offending caregiver not be allowed to be present during the interview or to observe the interview.


• Will I know what my child talked about in the interview?


Yes.  Law Enforcement and DHHS will share information with you in order for you to be able to help in keeping your child safe.  They may not be able to share all of the details immediately following the interview in order to not compromise the investigation.


• What is the medical follow up exam?


The child-friendly medical follow up exam is part of a comprehensive sexual assault investigation.  If you choose to schedule an exam for your child, it is performed by child abuse evaluation experts from the Spurwink Child Abuse Program.  The exam is not painful and is an external examination only.  This exam is very child friendly and the non-offending caregiver may be present for the entire exam.




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