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A personal body safety puppet show for grades k-4 (running time: 45 min)


• Understand that touches in the private areas are never a secret and are only to keep them clean and healthy;

• Identify safe, helping adults to whom they could turn if they had questions or concerns;

• Understand that children are never to blame for any kind of abuse;

• Understand that they can always tell about unsafe touches and should keep telling until they get help


“You have a wonderful program! The children loved it and were engaged the whole time! Hope to see you next year!”

                          -Teacher response, St. John’s Catholic School



The "Rules"


1)      My body belongs to me


2)      Touches are supposed to feel safe


3)      Touches in private areas are only to keep me clean and healthy


4)      Touches in private areas are never a secret


5)      If I’m hurt or scared, I’ll tell a grown-up I trust


6)      I will keep telling until I get the help I need


7)      It’s never too late to tell





Kathleen Paradis, Educator

Phone:  207.512.0095

Email: kathleen.paradis@silentnomore.org



Kennebec & Somerset Counties in Maine

If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual abuse... there is someone who will listen.

Call the Maine Statewide Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Line


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