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Sexual assault support centers receive calls from people with various needs, experiences, and concerns:


• Callers may be survivors of sexual assault, sexual harassment, child sexual abuse, and other types of sexual violence.

• People may call soon after the incident or years later.

• Some callers may have experienced sexual violence at several different points in their lives, or they may be experiencing it currently.

• Callers may be concerned others who are close to a survivor, such as family members, partners, or friends.

•They may be looking for information about sexual violence, for ways to support a survivor in their lives, or for emotional support for themselves.

•People may call wanting to know more about the warnings signs of child sexual abuse and how to protect a child in their life.

• Community members may call for information about sexual violence.



Be "On Call" for at least 3 shifts per month (there are 2 shifts per day 8am to 5pm or 5pm to 8am)

Return support line calls that come in during your shift

Accompany victims/survivors to the hospital for a forensic exam

Accompany victims/survivors to law enforcement interviews (when appropriate)

Report all contacts to Client Services Manager

Attend monthly supervision meetings


To Download our Advocate Volunteer Application: click here



Kennebec & Somerset Counties in Maine

If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual abuse... there is someone who will listen.

Call the Maine Statewide Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Line


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