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It is easy to become outraged at the reality of sexual violence in our very own communities.   The broad-reaching effects on not only the victims/survivors, but in so many facets of where we live, go to school, socialize, etc. can be overwhelming.  But, there ARE things YOU can do to help make a difference right now!

Volunteer Opportunities:


- Participate on a fundraising committee

- Attend community awareness events

- Become an advocate

- Assist with administrative duties

- Help distribute outreach materials within your community

- Attend a local town meeting or city council meeting to advocate for services for those

   impacted by sexual violence

- Serve as a Board MemberOne in Five awarneness Postcard


Financial Support:


- Donate annually

- Conduct a company/work campaign fundraiser—we can help to come up with fun ideas and provide materials to assist you in your campaign

- See if your employer would be willing to do a payroll deduction with the proceeds to go to the Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Center

- Have a Donation Can in the Workplace for one month (April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month)

- See if your employer would do a match to any donation you may make to our agency

- Speak with family members about doing some estate planning with contributions to the Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Center

- Attend a Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Center fundraising event

- See if your employer would like to sponsor a Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Center fundraising event


Other simple ways you can help:


- Post your thoughts/articles, etc. on your social media pages and Hashtag #silentnomoremaine to connect with others who are helping

- Add a hyperlink to our website on your blog or page

- Like our Facebook page and stay up to date on issues impacting sexual assault victims

- Share an infographic and ask your friends to like our social media sites

- Hang tear off sheets in your workplace restrooms for employees and patrons

- Offer to put awareness materials in the payroll envelopes during April-Sexual Assault Awareness Month

- Write or call your legislator and ask them to support sexual violence legislation

- Write a letter to the editor and express your support for programs like ours and accountability for sex offenders

- If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence and need support, call our

24-hour support line at: 1-800-871-7741 –We care! We believe! We listen!

Send us your ideas on how you can help end sexual violence in your community and support survivors of sexual abuse

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Kennebec & Somerset Counties in Maine

If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual abuse... there is someone who will listen.

Call the Maine Statewide Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Line


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